About Our Team

Once Upon A Time, our Creative Director Allie was planning her wedding. She was a bit of a geek about certain things she loved. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, she just loved fantastical worlds!

Her fiancé loved comic books, especially Superman, and his mom told him that they should both grow up and have a nice tasteful service somewhere.

Her mother told her that she should get married in her church with an elaborate, flowing dress fit for a princess and have children dropping pink roses along the aisle.

She loved to dress up prettily, and pink was her favorite color, but this plan didn't feel right. She also saw no reason to grow up even though she was in her 30s. Why not enjoy the things she loved? Why should she have to follow all the "rules of a wedding" and have a theme of "fancy, pick a color" when she wanted more?

Our couple eloped to a geeky festival to wed (It will tickle her 3 shades of pink to tell you all about it!) and planned a Superhero Garden Party with their friends and family.

There was a lovely dress that made her feel like a princess. There were indeed rose petals scattered all about. The cloth napkins and string lights were all present but they also had satin capes to wear to the reception and fun food with nerdy names. It was both elegant and fun but most importantly, it was a picture of them.

That's what we want for you. We want your event to be a snapshot of who you are. Traditional or eccentric. You.

You are unique. Your events should be as well.

Enchanted principles


Attention to Detail


We believe in the power of imagination and in strengthening that creative muscle.

Every element of our events is meticulously planned and executed with utmost care. It really is the little things in life and we treat your event as though it were our own special day.

Are we living vicariously though you? Maybe but that's ok!

We understand that every dream is unique.
Every person is unique.
Every event should be unique, too.